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Be the change you want to see in the world!

Corinne Thomas, Founder and Managing Director

I launched Ethical Sales and it’s sister company Ethical Pioneers because I discovered that many businesses struggle with sales, even those that are set for growth, have incredible new technology or are well-funded. 

Why? The trouble is, as a purpose-driven founder or founders, sales is often the last thing on your mind. Making a difference and changing the world is YOUR passion. 🌏

So I set out on a mission to help take the sting out of sales so that your business can change the world, one customer at a time. 

I am super, super proud of the impact we make at Ethical Sales. 💥

We serve a thriving community of innovators, fast growth start ups and business change makers. Our work is varied but nearly always involves outbound sales and strategy.  🎧💻🚀

Such as securing 45 new brand partners for a healthy eating app launch, enabling tens of thousands of young people to access cheaper, healthier food. 

Or enabling zero emissions delivery service to create cleaner, better cities by taking traffic off busy city streets with their EV cargo bikes and trikes. ⚡

What my clients have in common is that they all have a clear PURPOSE. And they want to change the world, one customer at a time. 

That’s why I launched Ethical Sales and it makes me so, so proud every day. 😊 

“Corinne is a take charge person with a wealth of sales experience, creative ideas and great communication skills”
“Corinne is a genuine and empathetic leader who has very importantly identified the need in modern day business to humanize B2B sales.”
“Corinne was a delight to work with and very professional.”