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About us

growing good business

We help you to grow your sales and hold onto your values with our expert business development services. Designed for purpose-driven and sustainability focused businesses to Grow, Scale or Transform your sales pipelines and revenue targets.

We host the Ethical Sales Academy, a community of like-minded salespeople to navigate the changing world of sales and business development.

Why ‘Ethical’ Sales?​

It’s a question we get asked a lot. We champion an ethical approach to sales as we believe that it is the only way to do business effectively and generate long-term success. 

We are proud to serve an incredible community of business changemakers, innovators, startups and scale-ups. 

Our ethical sales community is full of amazing people doing things differently. In climate change; health; well-being; tech for good….and more.

The top-down, automated, dehumanised sales practices that have become so popular in the past decade just don’t cut it for us. 

We do sales differently. Leading with our values to have meaningful interactions and build long-term relationships. That also means getting to grips with the latest tools, AI advancements and frameworks that get real results.

Three more reasons to work with us: 

  1. Our expert team of sales consultants bring decades of experience in sales, and ethical business practices plus an impressive network to our client projects. 
  2. Our business development support packages  are worlds apart from the standard B2B Sales Agencies or Lead Generation Companies that exist in the market today.
  3. As the host of the Ethical Sales Academy, a community for like-minded salespeople, we are at the forefront of ethical sales practices and methods in partnership with industry experts. 
  4. We review all our business practices to ensure they comply with the highest ethical standards. We are an active member of the Future Economy Network. 

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