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Webinars and Sales Tips Videos

Webinars and sales tips

A selection of our latest webinars and sales tips videos.

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Sales webinars featuring expert panellists:

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Do you need to grow a high-performance sales team in the new business landscape?

Three leaders share their stories and tips for successful sales leadership and growth strategies. Featuring Zedify UK, Sustainable Squared and The Professional Sales Academy. 

1 Hour | Lunch & Learn Webinar

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Grow your business with outbound sales in 2023

Discover how outbound sales can unlock growth and what approaches the experts are focusing on this year. Featuring sales leaders from Service Robotics, Facets and Zedify. 

1 Hour | Lunch & Learn Webinar 

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How do you secure those first sales as a start-up founder?

Three awesome start up founders share their sales stories. Featuring Chris Holmes of SMASHco, Kim Palmer, of Clementine and Ollie Collard of Enterprise Orchard. Essential viewing for start-up founders!

1 Hour | Lunch & Learn Webinar

Bitesize sales training tips and tricks:

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How to smash your next sales meeting?

Chris and Corinne discuss how to structure a successful agenda that gets results.

8 min | Training Video

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Learn how to improve your close rates and get the results you want.

Corinne and Chris talk about the thorny challenge of closing, being ghosted and how to structure your sales process for success. 

13 min | Training Video

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How can you make a confident sales call? 

Our M.D Corinne shares her three top tips for getting on the phone and having a successful outcome at the end of it! 

5 mins | Sales Tips Video