Sales Campaign Strategy & Set Up

Ensure credibility in the market with a meaningful, bespoke sales approach that reflects your core values.

Our bespoke Sales Campaign Strategy & Set Up process is usually the first step in our clients’ b2b sales journey. It will help you to:

  • Define sales success and the core sales process.
  • Understand who your target customer is and set key criteria.
  • Create meaningful, impactful sales messages and materials.
  • Build a targeted, GDPR compliant prospect list.
  • Align your marketing communications with your sales goals.
  • Bring the team together on a strategic, targeted sales campaign created for sales success. 

Sales Campaign Strategy - core steps

  • Team based briefing sessions (hosted via Zoom) and business deep dive questionnaire. 
  • Creation of campaign strategy & marketing and communications materials.
  • Creation of email templates, sales script and qualifying questions to use
    during the campaign.
  • Sales processes and roles agreed, both Ethical Sales and the client. 
  • Market scoping or initial research undertaken as required. 

Sales Campaign Set Up - core steps

  • Creation of a GDPR compliant prospect list for the campaign.
  • Database set up, including recommendation/implementation of a pipeline CRM or team training on existing client systems. 
  • Sales materials finalised and stored.
  • Team set up with appropriate email address and access to client systems as required.

Are You Ready for sales success?