B2B Sales & Lead Generation

Grow new business, generate leads and secure valuable partners in your market sector.

Our highly skilled sales team are ready to make new approaches to your target b2b market and help you get one step ahead of the competition.

With minimal set up time, our bespoke sales services enable you to:

  • Quickly secure new business or generate qualified sales leads with our bespoke and targeted approach.
  • Expand your sales resource and reach with an expert b2b sales team that has extensive experience of the natural, organic and green economy.
  • Gain valuable intelligence and stay one step ahead of the market with our collaborative data collection and feedback approach.
  • Test a new market opportunity quickly with a pilot sales campaign.

How it works

We become an extension of your sales team for the duration of the time we work together. We pride ourselves in delivering highly strategic and targeted sales services which generate real results.

Our detailed briefing and preparation ensures we develop a deep understanding of your products or services before we start. We can guide and support you in the creation of suitable pre-sales materials as required.

It is important to us as an ethical sales team to both represent your brand and your values in all our activities. Read on for brief description of how our services are delivered:

Set up:

  • Initial scoping call takes place and a Service Agreement drawn up to identify sales objectives and length of project.
  • We match you with our Sales Consultants and host a detailed kick-off meeting (usually done over Zoom or Skype).
  • Client briefing notes are written up and prospect database is created (we can use existing data or help you to research and build a GDPR compliant database).


Lead Generation and Sales Activity:

  • Our Sales Consultants draw upon a mixture of telephone outreach, online research and email to make appropriate targeted approaches to the right level of decision maker.
  • You receive a detailed weekly sales report with key data (such as calls made, conversations, warm leads generated, accounts opened or appointments booked) for the duration of the project.
  • We hold a mid-campaign review to share valuable market intelligence and ensure we are achieving the right outcomes.


  • The project ends with a written report of recommendations for future sales success and intelligence gathered from the campaign.
  • The GDPR compliant database is yours to own at the end of the project. 
  • We are able to provide ongoing Account Management and Business Development support as required on a retainer basis.

This is for you if

  • You do not have in house sales resource or people in your existing sales team that are dedicated to new business development.
  • Your business is stalling growth-wise because you do not have time to fill your lead pipeline of suitable new prospective b2b clients.  
  • You have identified a new b2b market opportunity but need to move fast to get ahead of the competition.  
  • You do not have access to a skilled member of the team who can confidently use b2b sales techniques to make the right approaches to your target customer.

This is not for you if

  • You have a sales lead or team who are growing new business and building a lead pipeline successfully.  
  • You are not yet clear on who your target customer is or what you are offering to them (we may recommend a customer insight research exercise instead).  
  • You do not need to generate new business as you have enough sales coming in already.
  • You want to grow your business online or direct to consumer (we would recommend an alternative digital marketing partner). 

Are You Ready To grow your B2B sales?