Meet The Team

Our team has decades of experience in sales and business growth strategies.

We are proud to work exclusively with purpose-driven businesses who are leading the way with their innovative products or services that disrupt their niche markets. 

What makes us truly different from any other standard sales or digital marketing agency is our daily immersion in the natural, organic and green market sector areas. 

This means we have a wealth of ethical business know-how, experience and networks to share with our clients.

As well as the core team, we can draw upon a trusted network of Website Developers, Copywriters, Brand Consultants and Photographers to assist with client projects when needed.    

We share ethical values - is that important? Yes. We're in this business, not just to be successful but to make a difference. Ethical Sales get it. We are delighted with the results.

Founder, Organic Skincare Business
Corinne Thomas, Managing Director

“I absolutely love working with natural, organic and green businesses who want to make a difference in the world. I find it inspiring, motivating and humbling in equal measures. 

Read Corinne’s Founder Story & Background.   

Specialist Skills: Direct Sales; Telemarketing; Sales Strategy; Leadership Development & Mentoring; CSR Ethical Business practices; Global Natural & Organic Market (FMCG) Trends; Consumer Insight & Strategy; Facilitation & Training; Business Ownership.   

“I find huge satisfaction in promoting natural, sustainable businesses that create products or services that are both healthier for us and our planet. As an entrepreneur myself and a specialist in retail strategy, I’m very excited to be part of the Ethical Sales team. I believe there is a genuine need for the sales support services that we offer.” 

Specialist Skills: Direct Sales; Account Management; Telemarketing; Retail Strategy; Distribution; Business Ownership; Global Natural & Organic (FMCG) Market Trends.   

Jules King, Senior Sales Consultant
Siobhan Llinos Gale, Executive Assistant & Social Media Consultant

“I’m a passionate vegan with my own award-winning blog so I love working with clients to help them grow their online community by providing advice, guidance and practical content support. As a micro influencer myself, I know how to create great content which grows really engaged communities.” 

Specialist Skills: Social Media Management; Digital Marketing; Branding; Wordpress; Recipe Development; Photography; Content Creation and Blogging.

I’ve been working within marketing in one way or another for over 10 years, and I have been focused solely on online advertising for around 3 years. Online advertising is a much more level platform for small and large companies than traditional marketing mediums. It is a joy to help ethical entrepreneurs and businesses effectively tap into this amazing resource and I love being part of the Ethical Sales team to support them in doing so. 

Specialist Skills: Online Advertising Strategy and Set-Up; SEO and Keyword Research; Ecommerce.  

Joe W, Online Advertising Consultant

Ethical Sales is on a mission to transform businesses with our highly strategic approach to sales success.​