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How to Make a Confident Sales Call

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Corinne Thomas

Founder & Managing Director

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Are you afraid of picking up the phone to someone you don’t know? 

Do you check your messages every day, ever-hopeful that an important business contact will get in touch? 

Do you chase that big wholesale order again and again by email but get nowhere?

We totally get it. You don’t want to make a sales call for fear of there being an awkward, stilted conversation. For fear of being seen as an intrusion. For fear of being rejected. For fear of not hitting your self-imposed targets.  

But the thing about telephone sales is that it can offer a fantastic opportunity to grow relationships in a meaningful and authentic way – when it’s done right! Hearing a friendly voice on the end of the phone immediately creates a stronger bond between you both, compared with hiding behind the words of an email. 

If you’re lacking in telephone sales confidence, the good news is that there are lots of simple sales call tips you can use that are proven to get results – and we’ve rounded them up in one handy guide. 

In our free guide ‘How to Make a Confident Sales Call and Get Results’, we share our top cold calling tips and strategies for boosting your sales confidence, transforming potentially scary sales calls into meaningful opportunities for business growth. Download the full guide. 

The guide looks at the four key areas of sales calls, setting out practical, step-by-step information on how to change your mindset about telephone sales and create a process that works for you and your business. Here’s a quick summary: 

1. Face Fears & Release the Pressure

People are often worried that in making a call they’ll be seen as a nuisance and dismissed by clients, but it’s important not to take rejection personally. Every no will take you closer to that all-important yes. And while it can be nerve-wracking to make that initial sales call, remember that it could be the start of a new and fruitful relationship, creating a rapport that just isn’t possible via email.  

Our guide outlines five proven ways that will help you to face your fears and pick up the phone anyway, from pre-call preparation to confidence-boosting tips while you’re talking. 

2. Outcomes-Focused Calling

You want to ensure you get the most from your sales calls, whether they’re to existing clients or new contacts. So deciding what outcomes you want from your telephone sales and then writing a list of ice-breaking and qualifying questions to support this can really help. 

Stuck for ideas on how best to do this? In the guide you’ll find questions and scenarios that are sure to get the conversation flowing and, most importantly, ensure that your contacts are interested in the products or services that you’re selling. 

3. Get Prepared for Sales Calls 

Setting you and your workspace up properly can make all the difference when it comes to sales call success, so we share the six essential items on our checklist to work through before you start dialling those numbers. Number two might really surprise you! 

4. Show up for Sales Success 

Putting all this into practice can be hard at first but the results for your business will be transformative. 

The more you spend time on the phone making outbound calls the bigger and better your sales pipeline will look! 

Want to learn more? Download our free guide ‘How to Make a Confident Sales Call and Get Results’ and you’ll benefit from the decades of experience from the team at Ethical Sales.